AIPI, a small shoe studio located in Estonia, has been crafting handcrafted boots for decades, renowned for their quality and durability. Each pair features stitched soles, a hallmark of their craftsmanship. AIPI has made footwear for various institutions, including the Estonian Defense Forces and Varusteleka, a large outdoors retailer from Finland. AIPI boots were worn by Joosep Järvesaar when he performed one of the worst Euro songs of all time, S.A.G.A.P.O., on the TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar.”

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AIPI A-PS-2 - BrownAIPI A-PS-2 - Brown
Vendor: AipiAIPI A-PS-2 - Brown
Sale price1 549 kr
AIPI A-PS-2 - BlackAIPI A-PS-2 - Black
Vendor: AipiAIPI A-PS-2 - Black
Sale price1 549 kr
AIPI Handmade Leather ShoesAIPI Handmade Leather Shoes
Vendor: AipiAIPI Handmade Leather Shoes
Sale price1 295 kr
AIPI Handmade Ankle BootsAIPI Handmade Ankle Boots
Vendor: AipiAIPI Handmade Ankle Boots
Sale price1 295 kr
AIPI 2.2 Handmade Leather Boots - BrownAIPI 2.2 Handmade Leather Boots - Brown
AIPI 2.2 Handmade Leather BootsAIPI 2.2 Handmade Leather Boots
Vendor: AipiAIPI 2.2 Handmade Leather Boots
Sale price1 799 kr