Muni's backpacks are inspired by love and admiration for wild nature: from little birds to the biggest mountains, from wildflowers to the deepest forests. At the same time, Muni's products are strongly influenced by the urban lifestyle and scenery of Vilnius streets in Lithuania, the city where the founder of Muni grew up. MUNI was founded in 2013 by Monika Vasiliauskiene. A few years later Monika started creating for kids as well: "Once I had a child, I wanted to create not only for adults but for little ones as well, therefore, I made a colourful animal-themed collection for children." Every piece is handmade with attention to quality and every little detail. Our goal is to make it so comfortable that you will forget you even carry the bag with you. We believe that every day is a day for adventure. Grab your MUNI and let's explore the world!

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Backpack - CockatooBackpack - Cockatoo
Vendor: MuniBackpack - Cockatoo
Sale price519 kr
Backpack - Blue MountainsBackpack - Blue Mountains
Vendor: MuniBackpack - Blue Mountains
Sale price579 kr
Backpack - Bold MountainsBackpack - Bold Mountains
Vendor: MuniBackpack - Bold Mountains
Sale price579 kr
Backpack - WatercolorBackpack - Watercolor
Vendor: MuniBackpack - Watercolor
Sale price549 kr
Waterproof Backpack - Black BowWaterproof Backpack - Black Bow
Vendor: MuniWaterproof Backpack - Black Bow
Sale price549 kr
Waterproof Backpack - Brown BowWaterproof Backpack - Brown Bow
Vendor: MuniWaterproof Backpack - Brown Bow
Sale price549 kr