OmaKing is an Estonian family business founded on the long history established by great-grandfather Peeter, who started as a shoemaker in Vastseliina in 1927. All OmaKing shoes are manufactured in Võrumaa and will serve you long and well. All shoes come with a 2-year warranty.


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TOKU Budapest Slippers - BlueTOKU Budapest Slippers - Blue
Vendor: OmakingTOKU Budapest Slippers - Blue
Sale price489 kr
TOKU Budapest Slippers - Dust pinkTOKU Budapest Slippers - Dust pink
TOKU Budapest Slippers - WhiteTOKU Budapest Slippers - White
Vendor: OmakingTOKU Budapest Slippers - White
Sale price489 kr
TOKU Budapest Slippers - Mint greenTOKU Budapest Slippers - Mint green
TOKU Budapest Slippers - Mustard yellowTOKU Budapest Slippers - Mustard yellow
TOKU Budapest Slippers - RedTOKU Budapest Slippers - Red
Vendor: OmakingTOKU Budapest Slippers - Red
Sale price489 kr
Miku Sandals - BrownMiku Sandals - Brown
Vendor: OmakingMiku Sandals - Brown
Sale price529 kr
Miku Sandals - BlackMiku Sandals - Black
Vendor: OmakingMiku Sandals - Black
Sale price529 kr
Lauri Leather Sandals - BrownLauri Leather Sandals - Brown
Vendor: OmakingLauri Leather Sandals - Brown
Sale price679 kr
Lauri Leather Sandals - BlackLauri Leather Sandals - Black
Vendor: OmakingLauri Leather Sandals - Black
Sale price679 kr
Professional Heel-Cushioned Sandals - BeigeProfessional Heel-Cushioned Sandals - Beige
Professional Heel-Cushioned Sandals - BlackProfessional Heel-Cushioned Sandals - Black