TOKU shoes – for comfort and fun. Sustainable choice since 1927. Handmade in Estonia.

TOKU is for the modern customer looking for comfort, clever design and sustainability. We carry almost a hundred years’ worth of family values and traditions. Each TOKU is crafted with love and care, ensuring it is the comfiest and the most sustainable option.

All our products are handmade in the south of Estonia. We know each one of our shoemakers by name. We know their kids’ names too. We value each of our workers, whether they are designers or fabric cutters, everyone is equal and deserves excellent working conditions.

All our leather is handpicked from selected European farms. We practice slow fashion by using natural, high-quality materials and creating versatile, long-lasting styles, ensuring your TOKUs serve you for years!

All the amazing features – sustainability, design and style – are also accompanied by comfort. It would be best to try it for yourself; it cannot be described in words.

In 2018, Piibe Tomp, our designer and the soul of TOKU, won the prestigious Estonian Young Designer of the Year Award, taking TOKU to the next level of her homeland’s design world. Besides being praised for its product design, our branding has won several national awards in collaboration with the Hmmm Creative Studio.

The Jury at the Estonian Design Awards has described Toku brand as The New Estonian Classic.


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TOKU Budapest Tofflor - BlåTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Blå
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Blå
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Budapest Tofflor - Dust pinkTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Dust pink
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Dust pink
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Budapest Tofflor - VitTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Vit
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Vit
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Budapest Tofflor - MintgrönTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Mintgrön
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Mintgrön
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Budapest Tofflor - SenapsgulTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Senapsgul
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Senapsgul
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Budapest Tofflor - RödTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Röd
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Budapest Tofflor - Röd
Försäljningspris489 kr
TOKU Stockholm SneakersTOKU Stockholm Sneakers
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Stockholm Sneakers
Försäljningspris1 029 kr
TOKU Stockholm Sneakers - GråTOKU Stockholm Sneakers - Grå
Säljare: OmakingTOKU Stockholm Sneakers - Grå
Försäljningspris1 029 kr